Grubby little punters


Hello. Back from a few weeks at the beach, where I read three works of crime fiction from authors whose works I’ve spent previous summers with. The books were:

  1. Michael Connelly’s The Drop, which is a Harry Bosch novel and a very good one.
  2. James Lee Burke’s Neon Rain, the first of his Dave Robicheaux books. Love his writing
  3. The Torment of Others, by Val McDermid.

I liked the Val McDermid—it took a little while to come together for me, but from the midpoint on I was ripping through the pages. But for me this book also offered up an amusing sideshow with its continual reference to “punters,” though not the kind who play football. McDermid is Scottish and in her vocabulary a punter can mean a customer of prostitutes (like the word “John” in America). This book’s investigation is set in the world of prostitution, so the punter references abound.


If there’s a second Nick Gallow book, I don’t think I’ll be using the lines above as an epigraph.


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