Happy Pub Day to Me!

hangmans-game.jpgGood morning. As a lifelong reader, I am genuinely excited to join the ranks of published authors today. My fiction debut, HANGMAN’S GAME, is out. I am grateful to all the people who helped make this dream a reality.

Reviews thus far have been kind. Booklist said: “[Syken] engages a moody, lonely protagonist in a very complex mystery in which nothing is as it seems, at least until the conclusion, when Gallow and the reader can see it very clearly in the rearview mirror. This is the very best sports-themed mystery in years and a robust debut novel. Don’t miss it.”

If you or someone you know enjoys books that are “engaging “(Library Journal), “nifty” (Kirkus) “well-told” (Publishers Weekly) or “for sports fans and mystery lovers, the go-to-book for the football season” (RT Reviews) then please consider this one.





2 thoughts on “Happy Pub Day to Me!

  1. Enjoyed reading your first novel, Hangman’s Game. Nick Gallow is an interesting character. I would like to suggest that you consult Stunk/White/Kalman’s The Elements of Style with regard to the proper usage of case of pronoun. In many instances in your novel, you use the word “I” where it should be “me”. For instance, on page 289 it reads “She walks us to the bar and … places the menus precisely in front of Jessica and I” … There are many more instances throughout the book. It is interesting that these errors in grammar were not detected by your proof readers. Thank you for writing this book. I’m looking forward to a sequel.

    Sandra Leonard

    • Thanks for your comment and for reading closely. I appreciate it. Take care, Bill.

      P.S. Regarding a sequel, I am working on one this very minute!

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