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As someone who grew up in the Philadelphia area and now lives in town, I was particularly pleased and grateful to see a kindly review for Hangman’s Game in the Inquirer and on The Inquirer is the first paper I ever read regularly.

The review ends with the line, “I look forward to Syken’s next Nick Gallow story.” So do I. In the latter stages of a first draft. Back to work.



4 thoughts on “Kind words from

  1. I just read Hangman’s Game and enjoyed it, except for having to cringe at too many egregious grammatical errors, specifically in regard to pronouns. I can understand if an author is writing in dialect, but I don’t think that’s the case here. There are at least seven times in the book when the subjective pronoun is incorrectly used instead of an objective pronoun. “…in front of (Jessica and) I.” “…brought (Freddie and) I…” “… heard (Aaron and) I…” The pronoun case does not change just because the number changes.

    This book was otherwise very well-written, which makes the errors even more disappointing. I do not read poorly-written books, no matter how engaging. I hope Mr. Syken and / or his editor(s) will be more careful next time, because I’d like to read more from him, without having to cringe.

    • Leslie,

      Thanks for reading and for your comments. I keep this in mind as I work on the next Nick Gallow novel.

      Take care,


      • Bill,
        at the recommendation of the Sunday Philadelphia Inquirer (gasp, a newspaper is being read), I read and really enjoyed your book. I live in Downingtown, PA and the references to Philly are appreciated and I believe important, to both the story and to Nick’s character. This character is marvelous with so many possible story lines because of his profession. It will also be possible in future stories to change the settings of the stories because of Nicks life style and the fact that the football team travels from city to city. I certainly hope you keep his home based in Philly. It would be great for all readers to learn a little more about Philly and the suburbs through Nick’s eyes. I hope Nick can be an evolving and developing character and look forward to additional installments. For me, this was a real page turner. I hope you enjoyed writing the book as much as I enjoyed reading it. Nice work.
        With appreciation,

      • Ken,

        Thanks for reading, and for writing such a thoughtful note. I appreciate it. I am at work on a second Nick Gallow novel, and he does stay in Philadelphia. Have a great holiday season.


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